Our Story

Living in confinements imposed by poverty trivializes human life and its purpose. The society as a whole is responsible for forcing this trivialized destiny on the poor through structural under privileging and marginalization. This is a reality Grace EduCare refuses to live with. Here begins our story. The founding members of Grace EduCare independently sought to involve in the lives of the poor by helping to raise shelters and providing basic amenities of life in India and elsewhere.

Eventually, retrospection led us to the realization that we were not making significant intervention into the vicious cycle of poverty (poor economic condition-poor education-poor economic condition) by helping scattered beneficiaries here and there. This shared desperation convinced us to device strategies to fight poverty more effectively. Education, we realized, is the key to open the fetters of poverty and release the human spirit.

‘Grace EduCare Foundation’ is born out of this consummate desire to eradicate poverty through education.