About Us

Our mission is to empower individuals with the values of synergic charitable co-operation and social commitment through education and thereby improve the living standards of economically disadvantaged families and children. We desire to provide necessary means to access education to employable levels, especially in the third world countries like India, and underprivileged communities in the United States  Our motto is “No individual should be deprived of gainfully employable educational opportunities due to his/her family’s lack of resources”.  Grace EduCare aims to provide scholarship for the candidates who meet the criteria set for its purpose.



Our Story

Living in confinements imposed by poverty trivializes human life and its purpose. The society as a whole is responsible for forcing this trivialized destiny on the poor through structural under privileging and marginalization. This is a reality Grace EduCare refuses to live with. Here begins our story. The founding members of Grace EduCare independently sought to involve in the lives of the poor by helping to raise shelters and providing basic amenities of life in India and elsewhere.

Eventually, retrospection led us to the realization that we were not making significant intervention into the vicious cycle of poverty (poor economic condition-poor education-poor economic condition) by helping scattered beneficiaries here and there. This shared desperation convinced us to device strategies to fight poverty more effectively. Education, we realized, is the key to open the fetters of poverty and release the human spirit.

‘Grace EduCare Foundation’ is born out of this consummate desire to eradicate poverty through education.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy includes almost a childish attachment to the fishing philosophy. If you give a fish to someone who is hungry, he will be satisfied for once. If you teach someone to fish, he will be satisfied for the rest of his life. Therefore, EduCare focuses on building capabilities of individuals to shirk out of the shackles of poverty.  Education is our weapon to combat poverty in a number of ways.   Education broadens vision and provides mental and physical tools to function successfully in the society. It improves their employability, initiative taking behavior and productivity. Every EduCare scholarship will focus on developing gainfully employable skills that can sustain the person and the family one belongs to.

Our Method

We use a method of cyclic-education-bond to create a larger platform for educational charity. Every beneficiary of Grace EduCare/ EduCare Scholar will receive a scholarship deemed enough to meet the educational needs of the student according to the parameters fixed by the board. On gaining an employment, every EduCare Scholar, will undertake to contribute back a share of their income, one time or otherwise for the promotion of educational charity to the Foundation.

Every EduCare Scholar who receives a scholarship will understand the educational support received as a commitment scholarship and give back to the society what they have received themselves. By this an EduCare scholar is expected to refine one’s personality with the virtues of goodness, gratefulness, sharing, and charity. They will, therefore, introduce more beneficiaries to the organization. So the foundation is under common ownership of all EduCare scholars, who will both multiply donors and recipients.